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thy love

05 March 1990
Temasek Polytechnic

candy words.

thy love

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Thursday, March 05, 2009


ask me for my url personally. :)

4:45 AM

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

few more hours. I gonna bid goodbye to blogger and say hello to new home :)


2:00 PM

Monday, March 02, 2009

Off for chalet again, :)

Ring me up if anything happen. :)

5:28 PM

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I will miss blogger :)

haha! Alright, back to things.
it's raining cats and dogs now.

Lightning! Damn

I knew all these thunders and lightnings had scared you up. :(
Weaken my heart and building my courage.



6:05 PM

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I have to say that 3 days wasnt that fun, really. cept for the jokes. :)

But no one is to be blamed too. First time having this together. :)
Next time will be better!:)

But the drinking part somehow was hilarious.
GARY- KO before Vodka end.
Sharlene- Go crazy.


Alright, now is the best part. Waiting for time to fly and meet up with Thy Family peeps. :) Yoooohooo! :)
Going for picnic. At Marina Barrage?( dont know spell correctly not )
Hmm, they are the dopest company that I could ever ask for.
Mainly, Eldest to the Youngest.


I just dont know why, the thought of meeting up with them just liven me up. Though I abit half dead now. HAHA!
Alright, I guess you peeps know about me moving to another site soon? LOL!
Counting down! :)
5 more days. :)

2:41 PM

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am moving. Officially on 5th march.:)

Went school today for Dfund. :)
Productive. :)

I need many lucks tomorrow!!! :)

1:31 AM

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Take note, I'm moving soon :)

Far away. :)

4:49 AM

Photos grabbed from Georgina for the Valentine's day and photos grabbed from Jiayi during the sending off of Mel. :)

4:25 AM

Just went to see Gucci just now.
Okay, now not called Gucci.
Waiting for Cy to name him. :)

I think his choices are pretty few?

Anything got to do with BLACK. :)

12:36 AM

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last night was splendid i think?
Productive? HAHA!
Kind of? :)

Had my two papers in the morning and afternoon, was rather on and off feelings, dont feel like commenting much on my papers. :)
I usually dont comment also, cause to me, once i leave the room, i dont want to talk about anything about the paper, cause, i already hand in, so what if wrong? HAHA!

After school, i was waiting for Branda at mushroom, sian, damn long, OOPS! then was ringing jiayi up, but she still has lesson, so didnt pick up.
Branda came, off to go to the bus stop opposite school and wait for jiayi.
As usual, gossip, BITCH, blablabla....

Jiayi came, Amber too, but he went off shortly. :)
Bus down to airport. Long trip but was damn funny.
I going out or talk to them la, never ending laughters. :)
There was this conversation.
Branda: I wanna save money with Zhao to book a hotel and relax there.
Brandon: Why?
Branda: Cause got jacuzzi all these what. shiok.
Brandon: I know bugis got 1 hotel, quite cheap, $148 only. Can go what?
Branda: My house there also got hotel, Hotel 81.
Brandon: But hotel 81 no jacuzzi what. Only got Sperm-cuzzi. HAHA!

yes. Dont know you all will think of feel that it's funny not, cause maybe its like situational joke? :)

Alight at Terminal 1. Saw Feifei. Rush down and shout her name across the bus terminal. HAHA!
Went up, YiKang came. :)
The reason why I use Yikang is, My name and his name is the same, then type the surname out damn long uh. Sorry :)

Decided on popeyes.
Branda and Jiayi bought their meals first.
Then Feifei.
I swear TPSU like bought over Popeyes.
Noise everywhere, faces everywhere.
Treating there like our very own student lounge. Cool balls.

Time's about there, everyone start to leave and go down to the departure area.
Damn sad.
Everyone starts to get abit emo.
Oh ya, I took photos with Mel. Two. One for her, one for me to keep. Memories.


She starts to take group photos with everyone, tears started to roll down for some.
Feelings starts to be expressed out.
To me, I was rather sad too. :)

As she walked into the departure mall, you can start hearing "Bye Mel!"
and crying voice/noise. :(
She kept strong, not crying, waving and bidding goodbye. and there she goes.
8years. 8 long years for a diploma,degree and of course a masters in apparel design. Great future ahead. I want you to design a special clothes for me in future :)

Head off after that shortly, :)
27 all the way back to Hougang.
Top up my concession pass, onesixfive hoomeee. :)

Laptop time! Phew! After a long day, decide to meet E for some talking session.
At the same time, I can eat my dinner. Yes! Dinner at 10plus. Goodjob uh? LOL!
682 for Malay mee, but couldnt finish.
Walk to our usual hangout.
Sat down talk. C was being dumb as usual, talking about having emo/ah lian girlfriend. DUMB PLEASE. HAHA!

He left, Py came. :)
Angel, Qiao and Gina came. :)
Alot of different topics.
Fruitful I could say.
From 12plus, till 5.30am OKAY!

Alot of things that we talked about, I guess we really like to talk. LOL!
Moreover, everytime we had a talking session, its always different topic leh. ZAI right? HAHA! Talkative group. :)

And Qiao, dont be afraid. Remember? Leehom? Bu Yao Hai Pa. :)
Out of your comfort zone, dont be afraid, I know its a whole new feeling, but I hope that we didnt really scare you out or bore you up. :)
We welcome you with open arms. You told me you grew up. I believe in you, like how you believe in me for my papers. :)
Wo hui dai ni qu kan kan shi jie! :) YAY!


Okay, walked Gina home first, then Angel, of course, last but not least, Qiao. :)
E, Upon making a hall call for the lift for Qiao, saw a flying roach!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!
Then for being brave. Damn! I took off my slipper and SMACK THAT ALL ON THE FLOOR! HAHA!
But to be honest, I scare of roaches too, that was just no choice, the other two also scare. LOL! She went up shortly. :)

On our way back, had a talk with A. :)
Yes. :)

I drop dead, sleeping like a log till now. HAHA! Tired.

Blog again later if i got time luhh.

Loves :)

5:16 PM